Denys Kurylenko

Professional Objective

Seasoned software developer with hands on experience building and operating large-scale systems, including the world biggest professional social networks and massive Internet Of Things e-commerce hubs!
I have a very clear understanding of the product cycle starting from the business requirement negotiation down to the running web applications in production under extensively high load. My biggest non-technical strength is revenue generation knowledge: payments, order management, recurring income streams, advertisement.

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Work Experience

Staff Software Engineer
Google 05/2017 - Present

Continue innovation in the finance space: handle monetary flows at scale. My main focus is to interconnect Google and Alphabet with leading global financial institutions.

Founding monetization Engineer

Nest Labs 02/2013 - 04/2017

Founding engineer on the e-commerce group. I scaled team from just myself to over ten engineers including five remote engineers offshore whom I've been managing day-to-day till they moved to the US. For the present.
Projects highlights:

  • Designed and implemented B2C checkout experience for both digital and physical goods on the global scale;
  • Digital subscriptions;
  • Digital and physical fulfillments;
  • B2B integrations with energy and insurance companies over REST APIs, SFTP and email;
  • Customer service modules, integrations;
  • PCI/SOX compliant service by design with external SSO authentication;

Staff Software Engineer
LinkedIn Corp. 09/2008 - 02/2013

Designed and developed LinkedIn Payments and Subscriptions Platforms.
As first engineer on the team I got chance to work on every aspect of the system including dynamic UI and distribute high loaded backend. Major pieces of the system I've touched:

  • Shopping Cart and Checkout experience;
  • Recurring charges engine;
  • SFDC integrations;
  • Promotions and Virtual Credits;
  • Integration with Multiple Payment Gateways;
  • Multi Currency and Taxes;
  • Invoice Management and Offline Provisioning;
  • Bundling and addons;
  • Customer's charge report generation;
  • Customer Support modules that resolve payment questions and issues;
  • PCI Compliance and IPO readiness;
Software Engineer
Orchest Inc. 10/2007 - 09/2008

Orchest Inc. was small startup that specialized on the online lead generation and provided instruments to improve online sales. I've focused on the revenue dashboards, recommendation engine, distributed data collection/aggregation platform, and communication platform.

Projects were build around open source Java tools: Spring, Lucene, ActiveMQ, Hibernate, httpClient, CXF.

Software Consultant
Cablevision 06/2006-10/2007

Worked as consultant for Cablevision, cable company that provides cable TV, high speed internet and Voice Over IP (VOIP) services. I worked for VOIP department and while I was coordinating offshore team the following new set of products being delivered:

  • Toll Free Number for businesses consumers. This involved modification of existing applications and developing new modules. Env.: JAVA, EJB, Oracle, Weblogic, XSLT, REST;
  • Improved routing by proper integration with external vendors: CSF, Global Crossing, 3PV;
  • Ground up performance optimization for complex PL/SQL procedures, JVM tuning;

Java Software Engineer
Softwarium 07/2005-06/2006

Developed set of end user WYSWYG tools for rapid prototyping including graphical Business Process Model Notation (BPMN) editor/processor and WYSWYG website generator. Products were based on on the variety of Open Source and propriety technologies: Java, J2EE, EJB, Oracle DB, JBOSS, Castor, Spring, Hibernate, JNI, Struts, etc.


  • MS in Computer Science (GPA 5.0 out of 5.0), Taurida National University, Simferopol

Skills (mostly buzz words)

Specialties: J2EE/JAVA, Sevlets, EJB, Spring, Lucene, Quartz, JDBC, JavaMail, Hibernate, JMS, Active MQ / Oracle AQ, PGP (BouncyCasttle), Webservices, Regex, Maven, JNI, Ant, Ivy, JavaRebel, Velocity, WebWork, Struts, JSP, Spring-MVC, JQuery, Quartz, JDBC, JavaMail, Hibernate, HttpClient, Log4J, JackRabbit, BouncyCasttle, ActiveMQ, Oracle AQ, Castor, xmlBeans, Axis, JDOM, SAX, HTML, XML, XSD, XSLT, JavaScript, JUnit, DBUnit, JMeter, EasyMock, Selenium, JBPM, Activiti, Vitria.

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HSSQL.
Web Technologies: JQuery, HTML, XML, XSD, XSLT, JavaScript, GWT, Velocity, JSP.
Misc: Linux, bash, GIT, SVN, NGINX , Tomcat, Jetty, JBOSS, Weblogic, ec2, aws, Linux, OS X.